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03.07.2010 Ground Zero Festival

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1 03.07.2010 Ground Zero Festival am Do Jun 03 2010, 12:46


HGM Team
HGM Team

GROUND ZERO FESTIVAL started five years ago when UDC and Multigroove started a unique cooperation. UDC is known for organizing huge indoor dance events and festivals like Dance Valley. Multigroove has been one of the driving forces behind the Dutch house scene who survived so long because they never took the commercial route and only programmed artists they fully believe in. The collaboration first started six years ago when Multigroove was asked to host an Oldskool & Early Rave area at UDC’s Impulz Outdoor Festival. The party in this area was off the hook and UDC and Multigroove started to brainstorm about creating a festival focussed fully on Hardcore, Hardstyle, Techno and Hard Dance in all its different variations. All the pieces fell into place and a new festival was born.

GROUND ZERO FESTIVAL is different than all other festivals. It’s the only all night festival of the Netherlands, a place where you can dance from sunset to sunrise on the widest range of harder dance styles, brought to you by the best and most innovative artists from all over the world. The beautiful nature of Bussloo offers and wide beach on a little lake which presents a great place for the mainstage. There are open fields, a place for the big tents where thousands of underground fanatics can let themselves go. Then there are the unique forrest parts of Bussloo where you can present smaller and more intimate area’s and stages. On the area’s will be a floating area pulled by a boat across the mystical lake all night long. There is a huge bonfire to warm up the chill area all night long. These are just some of the many things that make Ground Zero a highlight of the festival season for all of her visitors.

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