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15.10.2010 Proud 2 Be Hardcore / NL

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1 15.10.2010 Proud 2 Be Hardcore / NL am Sa Okt 09 2010, 00:25

Dj Insanity

Dj Insanity

We’ve mentioned it before, after Germany and Belgium, now Holland wil get it’s share of this concept. For the first time the Mondial (Beek) will be the centre of a full worthy and pure hardcore event. At least three areas will be filled with all necessary hardcore ingredients in several styles. And just to make sure you’ve read it right: doors are open from 21.00 till 07.00! So one more reason to come and check it out.

The receipt: a line-up from new talents and upcoming deejays from The Netherlands and border area filled with some international top acts and simply boost this location up with extra speakers!

The line-up is as clear as it can be: tip of the top in several styles among one roof! (Inter)national top artists like Promo, Angerfist, Tommyknocker, Nosferatu, Ruffneck, The Darkraver, The Speedfreak, The Sickest Squad, Tymon & The Outside Agency, Gabba Front Berlin……. The Mondial will not know what hit her! And a nice fact to know: The location is under construction right as we speak! What better way to go totally bzrk in a place like this!

Triax in Charge! & release info debute CD album
As you know the mainarea will be all about the UHM resident and mainproducer from UHM records, DJ Triax. The how and why you know already. A logical choice, no more words necessary why we put this guy in the picture this time.
And now it’s finally time for his first cd album! The release date is not pinpointed yet, but will be available in stores for sure around the beginning of November 2010.
Last things are prepared as we speak. But one thing’s for sure: all his top productions are on this cd along with some new hits and remixes of colleagues.
During his 2 DJ sets at Proud 2 Be Hardcore no doubt about it, you will hear lots of new tracks, so you can get a taste of what the album will be all about.

The Time Table

Area 1: Proud 2 Be Hardcore
21.00-22.00 Quitara
22.00-22.45 Symteck
22.45-00.00 D-Ceptor & Newstyler
00.00-01.00 Promo
01.00-02.00 Triax & Mr Sinister
02.00-03.00 Angerfist
03.00-04.00 Tommyknocker
04.00-05.00 X-Treme
05.00-06.00 Nosferatu
06.00-07.00 Triax

Area 2: Proud 2 Be Gabber (Classics, Early Rave, Old skool)
21.00-22.00 Red ace
22.00-22.50 Dennis the Menace
22.50-23.45 Da Dreamer
23.45-00.45 Kristof & Max Pain
00.45-02.00 The Darkraver
02.00-03.00 Ruffneck
03.00-04.00 Early Bastards
04.00-05.00 Sequence & Ominous
05.00-06.00 Foltergeist
06.00-07.00 DJ-Fly (BE)

Area 3: Proud 2 Be Industrial (Frenchcore, Industrial, Terror)
21.00-22.00 Brutalyzers
22.00-23.00 Scumbag
23.00-00.15 Pita
00.15-01.30 The Outside Agency
01.30-02.30 Tymon
02.30-03.30 The Speedfreak
03.30-04.30 Gabba Front Berlin
04.30-05.45 The Sickest Squad
05.45-07.00 Joepardy

Of course the UHM merchandise stand will have several great products for great prices available.One of them will be the Triax — T-shirt. But also the Proud 2 Be Hardcore items will not miss, just like the Earthquake and Raving Nightmare items. And a case with vinyls among which the releases from the UHM records label.

Tickets & Avondkassa
The interest for this event is huge. So we advise you partypeople to purchase your ticket in Presale (always cheaper!). Tickets are available for only € 16,- ex fee! Where? At all Free Record Shops and Primera stores in The Netherlands. In Belgium at all Fnac points and Free record shops and in Germany at partytickets.de. In Limburg our regular addresses will have original hardcopy tickets. And wanna buy your ticket fast, safe, simple and cheap? Just buy your E-ticket at www.u-h-m.com.
And even though the ticket is cheaper in presale and garuantees your presence at the event, for the late deciders and international visitors we have some doorsale tickets available, but only as long as the capacity of the location can handle it!
Good to know: a pinbox is present!!

And to simply end the discussion…. Minimum age for this event is 16!

Proud 2 Be Hardcore ??….. than there’s no doubt you’ll be there at Friday Oktober 15th 2010!


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