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20.07.2012 kaZantip / Portugal

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1 20.07.2012 kaZantip / Portugal am Do Apr 05 2012, 21:06


HGM Team
HGM Team

kaZantip 2012

5 weeks from:
20th of July until 26th of August

Grand Lake, Alqueva, Portugal

our big celebrations 2012:

20/21.07 = Opening-Bubble Up
27/28.07 = bˑU! bˑHOT…
03/04.08 = Zaang ArtZ
10/11.08 = bˑU! bˑUNQ!
17/18.08 = Party Animal
24/25.08 = Closing - Hangover

kaZantip is a career booster for DJs like no other event out there. how so? kaZantip is a huge party, which lasts 5 weeks in the hot portuguese summer (that's right: 5 entire weeks!). kaZantip has an area of nearly 1.000.000m2, where you'll find amazing dancefloors and wild X sports playgrounds. just do the math and have an idea of the amount of music necessary to get this party started ! ! !

kaZantip is a truly democratic platform where DJ's can effectively promote themselves (finally!). we know what it takes to put on an amazing festival and we know that there are many DJ's out there with incredible talent and spirit, only one step away from being acclaimed by large crowds at the kaZantip Party Land.

in 2012 the kaZantip festival may invite up to 1500 DJs which registered in the kazantip.com community to rock our audiences LIVE in Portugal!!! the most talented DJ's, who prove able to inspire the kaZantip crowd through music and performance, will end up at the unique kaZantip.com “DJ hall of fame”.

starting in 2012, the kazantip.com "DJ hall of fame" is about to become a major reference for the DJ industry worldwide, not only because of kaZantip's established reputation as an event, but also because the mixes featured online under the kaZantip brand already have huge visibility and are put to the test everyday by thousands of music lovers…

the special invitatation for DJ's to the kaZantip Party Land means free entrance and free accommodation for the DJ himself/herself and for 3 of his/her best friends for an entire week! in return the DJ gets to play his/her sets with passion in front of the kaZantip Party Land crowd of music fanatics. we'll start sending out invitations as of April 2012.

kaZantip is about lifestyle, X sports, devotion and rich music - not about line-up's ! ! ! on most festivals the same headliners always play the same sets - not so here…

the spirit of kaZantip goes way beyond a line-up of famous DJ's. the citizens of the kaZantip Party Land are simply out of this world and look forward to partying to the performances of DJ's they can relate to. yes, your mixes must be excellent, but your charisma also counts. at kaZantip.com the entire community has a chance not only to listen to the DJ's mixes, but also to learn about the DJ's personalities, their looks, their tastes... and to interact with them, of course. after all, to have an unforgettable summer holiday experience you need the liveliest and coolest people around you, right?

any DJ who joins kaZantip.com and come to the Party Land is sure not only to have a great time, but also to make great connections and hop on a springboard to boost his/her career.

why DJ's spend their holidays @ kaZantip:
•because it's a great investment in their future as a DJ
•if they are popular within the community they may play in front of a great audience
•they can measure themselves on a high level with other DJs
•they may get discovered by DJ-scouts, promoters, and club-owners
•they can fetch inspiration for new DJ sets
•they can give joy to a lot of people and to themselves
the kaZantip community makes the most of social networking, making it very simple and unbelievably viral to spread your mixes and finally get heard by the people who really matter: electronic music lovers worldwide ! ! !

get started now and see it for yourself: just follow reading…



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